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books for boys

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Check out some of these books and authors and see what you’ve been missing.

Eoin Colfer

The Artemis Fowl series offers a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, crime, adventure and humour. You’ll grow to love characters such as Artemis, his bodyguard, Butler, Captain Holly Short, Commander Root and my favourite, Mulch Diggums, and want to read the whole series.

For more pure science fiction try The Supernaturalist.

If you like action and adventure then Airman is a great read.


The Wish List  begins with Meg Finn and Belch Brennan, two bad kids on the block, breaking into a pensioner’s flat. After a freak accident they find themselves on the way to Hell but Meg is given a second chance. Her mission is to help Lowrie McCall (the pensioner they tried to rob) work his way through his Wish List before he dies. If she fails then she’ll spend eternity in Hell.

Anthony Horowitz

The Diamond Brothers – a spoof detective series. Easy to read and lots of fun.

The Power of Five – A sinister story of the supernatural. Raven’s Gate is the first of a series of five books.  Matt who has always known he has unusual powers uncovers a terrible secret – eight guardians are protecting the world from the evil ones (beings banished long ago by five children) but devil worshippers want to let the evil ones back in.


Don’t miss the Alex Rider series.  Alex’s adventures begin in Stormbreaker (there is a film but the book is much, much better).  When his uncle dies in suspicious circumstances, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is recruited into MI6. After training with the SAS and armed with his own special set of secret gadgets (including a very special Gameboy), he’s sent on a mission to Cornwall. That’s where he meets multi-billionaire Herod Sayle who has offered to give one of his state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers free to every school in the country. Of course, there’s a catch and unless Alex can stop him the world will never be the same again.

Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)The Alex Rider series comes to a close in Scorpia Rising published in 2011.

Alex’s first three adventures – Stormbreaker, Point Blanc and Skeleton Key are now available as graphic novels.

Joe Craig

Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy, but he’s not. He’s genetically engineered to grow into the perfect government assassin. Speed, strength and deadly instinct – it’s all in the blood. Jimmy Coates has been described as “a pint-sized verision of Robocop or Terminator!”  His story begins in Jimmy Coates: Killer and Jimmy Coates: Blackout is due out in January 2010.

Charlie Higson

Ever wondered what James Bond was like as a teenager? Here’s your chance to find out. The adventures of the young James Bond begin in Silverfin and the thrills just keep on coming. The most recent volume,  Danger Society contains a new story  and is packed with information – from character profiles to the cars, the weapons and the exotic locations, as well as facts, statistics, photographs, maps, and illustrations by Kev Walker.

If James Bond is too tame and ZOMBIES are more your style then check out the first book in a new series – The Enemy. I reviewed this book in a recent blog.

The Dead The next book in the series – The Dead – is even more chilling. Set one year before the events in The Enemy it once again shows how the under-fifteens struggle to survive in a world where mothers and fathers – those that survived the disease that killed so many – now prey on the very children they once protected. You will also find out more about the zombie / stranger/ sicko / father who seems so much more devious than the others and wears the cross of Saint George.

Robert Muchamore

             The CHERUB series

The stories in the CHERUB series are about a secret organisation that recruits and trains children as spies. Here, however, there are no super-villains, no high-tech gadgets, and no impossible missions that are miraculously completed.  It is this realism that attracts so many boys to this series.
Cherub: The Recruit tells the story of James’ first mission for Cherub.







Henderson’s Boys – Robert Muchamore’s Henderson’s Boys series is set during World War II.

Andy McNab

 From the back cover of Boy Soldier

For Danny Watts, 17, whose life-time ambition is to be a soldier, this news story is the beginning of the end. THE WORST SORT OF SCUM
The grandfather he’s never met, SAS hero Fergus Watts, sold out to the Columbian drug cartels and was supposed to have died, rotting in jail.

Danny is determined to track down the man who has ruined his life. But how can he find an expert in covert operations who is trained to avoid capture? As Danny makes his first move, so does someone else. Someone who has been watching Danny. Someone for whom Fergus Watts is a loose end which needs tying. Permanently.

Chris Ryan


Check out the Code Red series by SAS hero, Chris Ryan

Alpha Force are an elite team of five highly-skilled individuals brought together to battle injustice.

Mark Walden

Welcome to H.I.V.E.  (the Higher Institute of Villainous Education). As the name suggests the characters are technically anti-heroes (like Artemis Fowl) as they use their skills for criminal gain. However, they are likeable, their motives are good and they are loyal to their friends. Their skills range from martial arts to computer hacking and scientific know-how.

3 Responses to “Books for Boys”

  1. Ms. Yingling Says:

    I am so jealous! Some of these series are available in the US, but only the first couple of books. The Chris Ryan books look great, too. Drat!

  2. bosch Says:

    Im so sad . Im a girl but i love this kind of books and i read alex rider but no other of this books is avaibal in austria so im realy depressed.

  3. therussiangermanamerican Says:

    I’m American and I’ve just finished the Alex rider series and I’m eagr for more high suspense and yet calmly informative story writing until BAM! And then my heart starts beating fast. This is what I experienced with Anthony Horowitz’s story writing and I loved it. I also love British culture and humor and so this web page is a gold mine for me! Might I also recommend “Ender’s Game” it’s a bit old and starts out kinda slow but all in all its a GREAT book!

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