Book Week


In 2009, Annan Academy’s English Department and  School Library held their first Book Week. All S1 – S3 pupils were given the opportunity to take part in a sponsored reading event. Pupils were asked to read for at least one hour during the week – during Registration and as part of normal English lessons.

The main aim of the week was to raise the profile of the library and to encourage reading. The £516 raised was used to purchase bean bags which have proved very popular, as have the graphic novels and manga books that were also bought from the sponsorship raised.

Now Book Week is an annual event involving the whole school.


Book Week 2015

Book Week wall

Cat in the Hat

Blurbie Gallery


Book Week 2014 – Around the World


15th – 19th September 2014

Book Week 2014 Cool Wall

Click here to see the English corridor display of Blurbies

2014 Blurbie competition winners


Winner: Harriet Power

Blurbie winners

Blurbie runners up

The rest of the ‘Top Ten’ as voted for by Tutor Groups


Flag competition answers


Literary addresses answers

Book Hunt

Prize Winners: Katie Sherry, Josie Watret, Kate Jamieson, Hope Kirk, Sinead Flannigan, and Rhianna Parker-Clevett

Thanks to all staff and S6 pupils who wore a book badge during Book Week.

Click here for a list of this year’s books.

Sponsored Read

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Sponsored Read. Special thanks to Ebony Hodgson, Taigen Cox, Iona Bryson, Bethany Metcalf, Hannah Garrett, Rhianna Parker-Clevett, Nicole Proudfoot, Emily Kidd and Kayley Black (who was sponsored by her Tutor Group 2Bc).

Writing Competition

Special thanks to 2Db and their Tutor, Mr Evans, for their entries and to 2Da,their Tutor, Mrs Telford, and their S6 mentors for their story which they wrote together. You will be able to read their entries in the Competition Booklet which will be published soon.

Prize Winners: S1 – S2 Leoni Allen

                               S3 – S4 Nicole Lamont

                               S5 – S6 Kerry Johnstone

Special Prize: 2Da

Special Mention: 2Db


Book Week 2013 – Across Space and Time

a corridor of Blurbies

Thanks to Mr McMillan who suggested the Space theme and to everyone who took part in or contributed in some way to the success of this our FIFTH Book Week.

As I write this, the October holidays are just about at an end, the Book Week displays have all come down and the library is being decorated for Halloween and the run-up to Christmas.

This year we raised £566 thanks to the Sponsored Read and to Jessica and her mum who made the cakes and tray bakes for our Cake Sale.

The Book Brunch as usual started out in modest fashion but by the end of the week news had spread and a host of hungry readers gathered in the library for fruit juice and snacks. Mr O’Halloran liked the shortbread so much he asked for the recipe. My thanks go to our new Librarian, Mrs Magellan, and to all the staff and pupils who visited us in the library.

The highlight of Book Week 2013 must be the Blurbie Competition. There were 300 entries. For a few weeks the English corridor was a Blurbie gallery. Thanks to the tutors who encouraged their Tutor Groups to take part, to everyone who entered their Blurbie and to those who voted for their favourites. 

The Winning Blurbies

Our Writing Competition was also our most successful to date. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Click here to read the winning stories from Leanne Wilson and Pippa Campbell.




Our theme for BOOK WEEK 2012  was Heroes and Villains both fictional and real. Once again we raised about £400 and ran a number of events throughout the week. This time instead of a Book Breakfast we held a Book Brunch in the library. After a slow start, Thursday and Friday saw lots of pupils enjoying fruit juice and a snack in the library.

Many thanks to the publishers who continue to support us in our efforts to promote books and reading for pleasure.

We are already looking forward to next year’s Book Week which, with your continued support, will surely be bigger and better. 

Book Week 2011

Book Week 2011 had a monster theme. We raised £400 for the library and ran a number of competitions including the Monster Book Hunt and What am I? mythical creature quiz. After a slow start, the book breakfasts were a great success. Well, who wouldn’t like to start the day with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, and a warm croissant?

As always, thanks to Mrs Turner whose library was transformed for the week’s events – complete with monster shop and monster displays.

Thanks, too, to the publishers who kindly sent us free posters and publicity material and to everyone who took part in the week – especially the members of staff who wore book badges and the pupils who completed the sponsor read and their generous sponsors.

Book Week 2010

In 2010, our Book Week took place between Monday 20th  and Friday 24th September. This time we involved all pupils in the sponsored book-reading event and encouraged staff – both teaching and non-teaching – to represent a book for the week by wearing a book badge.  The related competition – mainly for S1 pupils – involved collecting as many book titles as possible. The winning total was 66 book titles. (See the Library blog for more details.)

Each morning during Book Week, Mrs Turner, our librarian, hosted a free Book Breakfast. Pupils and staff enjoyed a croissant and hot or cold drink – and a book – before 9 o’clock.

Just over £1000 was raised in sponsorship and from other events which took place during the week. However, the success of the week lies in the positive atmosphere created not only in and around the English Department and the Library but throughout the school.

(Mr Kerr ran a competition during Book Week 2010 on one of his favourite books. Click below to see the questions and answers.)


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