Reading Record

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the Bronze Booklet.
The Bronze and Silver Awards are now in separate booklets. The Bronze tasks remain as outlined below. For the Silver Award, whilst the aim remains to encourage readers to try a wide variety of books, the tasks have been widened to allow the inclusion of more non-fiction. For each task, as well as guidelines, there are keywords to help pupils use the Library catalogue more effectively. We have also secured some additional funding which will enable us to offer pupils a wider range of reading materials.
Silver Award task categories:

S1.  A poetry book

S2.  A book of short stories

S3.  A book about family and/or friends

S4.  A book about sport

S5.  A book about animals and/or nature

S6.  A science fiction novel or factual science book

S7.  A fantasy book or book of myths and legends

S8.  A crime / detective book

S9.  A ghost / horror book

S10. A book about another country or culture

S11. A history book or historical novel

S12. A book that deals with a serious issue

S13. A thriller / adventure book

S14. A romance

S15. A funny book

S16. A book with a Scottish connection

S17. An autobiography or biography

S18. Free choice – Non-fiction

S19. Free choice – Fiction

New for 2010 – The Platinum Award

The Platinum Award is all about sharing books with others. Pupils are expected to read at least 15 books and complete 15 tasks out of a possible 19.

Platinum Tasks:

P1.  Crossword Clues

P2.  Endings

P3.  Bookmark

P4.  Sequels

P5.  T-shirt

P6.  Film v Book

P7.  Come Dine With Me

P8.  Happy Birthday

P9.  Trilogy

P10. Five Giant Steps

P11. Book Cube

P12. Favourite Author

P13. Library Recommendation

P14. Cool Wall

P15. Blogs

P16. Library Magazine

P17. Trading Places

P18. Wordsearch

P19.  Sightseeing

The Reading Record

RRThe English Department and the School Library developed a Reading Scheme to encourage First and Second Year pupils to read regularly for pleasure. Pupils in S1 and S2 visit the School Library regularly with their English teacher and keep track of their reading in the Reading Record.
Following the Inspection in October 2008, the Reading Record is now listed as an example of good practice on the HMIE website.
There are THREE certificates to aim for:



GOLD AWARD – 10 Books 

Certificates are awarded on an individual basis when a pupil has read the correct number of books and completed a number of tasks.

For the Bronze Award you have to read FIVE books and complete FIVE tasks from a choice of SEVEN. The tasks include: a book review; designing a new book cover; creating a wordsearch; and writing a letter to the author.

The Silver Award is all about trying new books. You have to read TEN books from a choice of FIFTEEN different genres (including a wildcard option).

The Gold Award focuses on the writer and writer’s style. You have to read TEN books but must read at least TWO books by any author. The tasks are a bit more difficult but by this time you know what you like in a book and the reasons why certain characters and situations appeal to you.

What happens when you have completed the Gold Award? Hopefully you will continue to read and to share books with others. Who knows you might even write a book review for the school magazine – or contribute to this site.


To be awarded your Bronze Certificate you have to read FIVE books from the School Library.steps1

After you have read EACH book you must complete ONE task from the list below.

 You must choose a different task for each book.

 (For each task there is a page in your booklet with instructions for you to follow.)

The tasks are:

  1. Write a book review. (You might like to write it on Searchstar.)
  2. Design a new cover for a book.
  3. Make a ten question quiz based on a book. (Include the answers. Do not ask any questions where the answer is a simple yes/no.)
  4. Write a letter to the author telling him/her what you thought of a book.
  5. Draw a cartoon of the most exciting part of a book.
  6. Make a wordsearch based on a book.
  7. Prepare and give a two-minute talk to the rest of the class on a book.

When you have finished the five books and five tasks, complete The Best and the Worst sheet (8).

Then show your booklet to your English teacher to claim your certificate.


To be awarded your Silver Certificate you have to read TEN books from the School Library and write about each one.

Each book you read must be an example of a particular type (genre) of book. (A book may fit into two or more genres but will only count as one of your ten books.) There are nineteen genres listed near the top of this page from which you must choose ten in any order you like. After you have read each book, complete the relevant task sheet.

When you have finished ten books and ten tasks, complete the Favourites task (S20).

Then show your Reading Record to your English teacher to claim your certificate.

For book ideas why not check out some of the Book Reviews on this site.



For the GOLD AWARD you have to read TEN books. You must read at least TWO books by any one author and must read books by at least THREE different authors.

After you read each book you must complete one of the ten tasks G1G10.

  1. Selling your book
  2. Setting
  3. Character
  4. Themes
  5. The Dust Jacket
  6. Writing a Review
  7. Peer Recommendation
  8. Talking to the Author
  9. Next Stop Hollywood
  10. Endings

It is important that you keep an accurate record of your progress in your Gold booklet.

When you have read TEN books and finished tasks G1 to G10, complete G11 (Favourites) and G12 (Biographical Details) then show your completed Gold Booklet to your teacher in order to claim your Gold Certificate.




  • AUSTEN, Jane                                               LAIRD, Elizabeth
  • BLACKMAN, Malorie                                      MACPHAIL, Catherine
  • BOWLER, Tim                                                MARSDEN, John
  • BRESLIN, Teresa                                          MCCAUGHREAN, Geraldine
  • BROOKS, Kevin                                             MCGOWAN, Anthony
  • BURGESS, Melvin                                          MCNAB, Andy
  • CASSIDY, Anne                                             MEYER, Stephenie
  • COLFER, Eoin                                                MORPURGO, Michael
  • COTTREL-BOYCE, Frank                                MUCHAMORE, Robert
  • CRAIG, Joe                                                    NICHOLSON, William
  • CREECH, Sharon                                           NIX, Garth
  • CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, Kevin                          PAVER, Michelle
  • DICKENS, Charles                                         PRATCHETT, Terry
  • DOHERTY, Berlie                                            PULLMAN, Philip
  • DUNMORE, Helen                                          RAI, Bali
  • ELLIS, Deborah                                             REES, Celia
  • FUNKE, Cornelia                                            REEVE, Philip
  • GIBBONS, Alan                                               ROSOFF, Meg
  • HEARN, Lian                                                   RYAN, Chris
  • HEARN, Julie                                                  SEDGWICK, Marcus
  • HIGSON, Charlie                                            SHAN, Darren
  • HOROWITZ, Anthony                                     SWINDELLS, Robert
  • IBBOTSON, Eva                                              TOLKIEN, J.R.R.
  • JACQUES, Brian                                              VALENTINE, Jenny
  • JARVIS, Robin                                                 WALDEN, Mark
  • KENNEN, Ally                                                  WOODING, Chris


2 Responses to “Reading Record”

  1. may lee Says:

    What is “The Best and the Worst sheet (8)”?

    • cmjohnston Says:

      This simply allows you to record which book you liked the best and which you liked least of the five you read for your Bronze award.

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