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Q. What is a sentence?

A. Click here for the answer: What is a sentence? 

4 Responses to “Q and A”

  1. lyn Says:

    can a student choose any film /drama they like, or is a choice usually provided by school ?

    • Mrs C Johnston Says:

      It is better to stick to the texts you have studied with your teacher because your teacher has chosen the texts with your class and the final exam in mind. You can be sure that the texts will be of the correct quality and with enough depth so that you can perform well in the exam. Your teacher will also take you through the themes, characterisation, structure, language etc. and offer you lots of opportunities to talk and write about the texts.

  2. Nicola Says:

    Essay Question: Write about the section in Chapter 2 that begins ‘I knelt there like a knight at her feet’ concentrating on how the writer is conveying Francis here.

    • Mrs C Johnston Says:

      You need to think about what this section of the novel tells us about Francis. We know that eighteen-year-old Francis thinks about Nicole all the time. He tells us in Chapter 1: ‘I thought of Nicole Renard, realizing I had not thought of her for, oh, maybe two hours’ and that,’It would always be Nicole Renard.’ In Chapter 2 he recounts the first time they met when he was in seventh grade – he is only 12/13. He refers to ‘the pale purity of her face’ but also a ‘hint of mischief’ before ‘she was St Therese once more’. From the start, Francis’s feelings for Nicole are romanticized. Francis is shy and sensitive. He has no real friends and spends much of his spare time reading or going to the cinema. When Nicole speaks to him on the stairs one day, he almost falls off the banister. His parents are dead and his uncle, whilst kind, is a quiet man and undemonstrative. It is little wonder that charismatic Larry should have such an impact on Francis. On the way to the Wreck Centre on the night of the rape, Francis tells Nicole he will never leave her: ‘As if we were living a love scene at the Plymouth.’ This all helps us to understand why he sees his ‘betrayal of her in her eyes’. He has broken the promise he made to her in seventh grade.

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