First Impressions of Annan Academy

pencil-and-paper-animation-cat_write_paper_pencil_desk_hg_clrThe majority of teachers are really nice and friendly.

… a lot of people say it is hard to get around but it isn’t when you find out a routine of your classes.

… the stairs can get very crowded so always try to keep to the wall side.

I do miss being the oldest in the school.



One of my favourite things has to be the food – it is absolutely amazing. There is so much to choose from.

I also enjoy the PE lessons as they seem more advanced than in Primary.

Mario_Endless_StairsA massive pain in the neck for me is the stairs as if you want to go to the top floor you really have to work for it. I really don’t know why they don’t make it a PE lesson.

There are a lot of after-school clubs in the Academy such as rugby, badminton, table-tennis and football. Sadly, there is no cycling club – I really wish there was.

One of my favourite subjects has to be Craft and Design because you get to make lots of really cool projects.



On my Induction days I was terrified. Every day I was worried about getting lost but the guides were always there and helped us from class to class. After the summer holidays were over we still had the guides for a week and they still speak to us in the corridors!

My first impressions are great as I was told terrible stories of what would happen but none of them have. Don’t believe any, they aren’t true!

computer_4The food is great and the subjects are amazing. All the teachers are lovely. In my opinion, I.T. is the best subject and Drama follows close behind.

There is an endless list of good things about Annan Academy…

To survive P7, stay positive, keep on the teacher’s good side and focus on your work. In the Academy there’s a 50 minute time slot in which to get work done.  Don’t worry because as long as you focus on work in P7 it’ll be as easy as 1,2,3. Also if the work is too hard, tell your teacher and they’ll help you through it and help you become perfect at it.



I really like all of my teachers.

art_19… these are some of my favourite subjects: PE, Art, Music, Drama, English, Craft and Design and HE.

There isn’t anything bad about the Academy except from getting lost sometimes and the stairs, although the guides were really nice and helpful.

… don’t worry about the Academy, it might seem scary because of the size and how tall some of the older pupils are but it’s great and you will enjoy it!



… on my first day at Annan Academy I found out that I shouldn’t be scared but I should have been excited as I would be doing lots more different things and I would be meeting some new friends.

The Academy has lots of good things like the subjects and the teachers.

heavy school bagIt is good that the Academy has lockers because it is tricky on a PE day especially as it is heavy trying to carry your PE kit, jacket and bag up three flights of stairs to get to French.

The teachers are really nice and they are not strict unless you annoy them by not doing what you are told.

If you are a fussy eater, don’t worry because the food is lovely.

I didn’t think it would be easy to make friends but it was simple and now I have lots of new friends.

There are lots of clubs you can attend such as rugby, dancing, football and many more.



lostAt first I thought I would get lost and get lots of homework but now I never get lost. Homework’s fine if you do it the day you get it.

Good things about Annan Academy? Where do i begin? You have the delicious food made by the dinner ladies, all the extra-curricular activities, the sports you do in PE … The list goes on and on.

First, don’t worry about coming to Annan Academy. If you enjoy your transition you’ll be excited to come here. Second, enjoy P7 while you can. You don’t know how many times I wished I enjoyed Primary more.



It is very enjoyable here.

DRAMAPersonally my favourite subject is Drama because it is suited for me as I am very dramatic.

Although the Academy is great fun, I am still working hard and trying my very best, as always.

I … miss being one of the oldest in school because as an S1 we don’t have as many responsibilities to do with the school.



I enjoy Craft and Design, in fact it is my favourite subject! So far we have made key-rings.gymnast

(T)he Academy …is really nice and you make new friends and, yes, you do get the occasional person being silly but that’s about it.

I like the Academy because of the subjects, teachers and the amount of amazing clubs to choose from!

I enjoy going to the dance studio in the new building at lunchtimes and practise gymnastics with my friend. On Fridays I go to the library and relax on the bean bags.



DramaI am getting on well at the Academy. It is very fun and very big and I have already gotten lost once.

Annan Academy has a lot to offer and I have signed up for the Junior Show.



rugby-ballI am really enjoying it and most of the teachers are nice. Some of them are even funny. At the start it was scary and I was a bit nervous but it’s ok now and I’m making new friends.

The good things about school are all the different subjects like Craft and Design and Home Economics.

There are also many clubs on after school and at lunchtime like rugby on a Wednesday.



If you are unfortunate enough to not be in classes with people you know, don’t worry as I’m sure you will make some new friends.

france_4In the summer holidays you will get your new timetable so I would advise that you make copies of it or save it to your phone as you are likely to rip it or lose it within the first month or make a small copy… If you do lose it you can always get a new one for 20p at the office.

There are some bad things like how French is on the very top floor and I am unfortunate enough to have it on Monday first thing.

There are also certain doors you can and can’t go through which is a pain.



school_library_lobby_signAnnan Academy is not actually as hard to navigate as you might think though there is quite a size difference! It’s rather a jump from a school with only three classrooms.

The Library is absolutely amazing! S1s are allowed in at lunchtime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is a Craft Club in the library in the library on a Wednesday.

My favourite subject is English (as always!) and every second Wednesday we have a library period where we get to read – obviously in the library – for the whole period! As you can imagine, I rather enjoy this. Unfortunately, we don’t have English every day, only Maths.

Also we are making silent movies in Drama.

Life at Annan Academy is fast but going well.



On my first day I had guides which was good or I would have got lost.

one wayI have started going to the dance club… in the dance studio … I’m also going to a music club at lunch times on a Friday in the Performing Arts studio. I’m still not enjoying PE although the teachers are very nice.

I hate the fact there are so many stairs and the one-way system but you get used to it. There aren’t that many bad things apart from that and I haven’t got lost yet!

The days aren’t too long. Even though it is half an hour longer than Newington, the day passes quicker because you are changing classes.



homework1The amount of stairs is unbelievable. There must be over 1000 steps.

A good thing … is you can get lockers so it saves you lugging bags around all day.

I miss the shorter school day.

… don’t worry, you don’t get mountains of homework.

At the Academy, there is a library where you can go on computers, read, chill out or do homework.



fruit-saladIt’s not as big and scary as I thought it would be. It is easy to get around the school once you get the hang of it.

My favourite subjects are H.E., Craft and Design and Music. I like H.E. because we get to make really nice food such as fruit kebabs, French bread pizza and fruit salad.



friends-wallpaper_largeI’m really enjoying the Academy and I settled in great. I’m really enjoying every class … I love the food and I’ve made plenty of friends.

You don’t get an extravagant amount of homework and you don’t get bullied by the older ones…

…there are so many clubs to join and many meals to choose from, the teachers are nice and you get to make plenty of new friends.



First of all, the Academy isn’t that bad. It’s a big step from Primary and the work does get harder.

music_21There are a lot of good things about the Academy. I especially like Music and Drama because of the new building. It’s nice and clean and no chewing gum is allowed in that building so there is no chewing gum under the desks. The teachers are really nice. Just don’t misbehave or they will shout.

H.E. is really good because we never really did any cooking or sewing at Primary…

…enjoy your last year at Primary because once you leave it’s a big change.

Your three day visit basically lets you know how it’s going to be for your first year here.



Doughnut on white background

My favourite subject is Drama because the teacher is hilarious.

The best time of the day is lunchtime. The food is delicious, especially the cakes and donuts.

A few of my favourite subjects are: H.E., Maths, Drama and P.E.

Even though I really like the Academy, there are a few things I miss about Primary like being the oldest in the school … I also miss having to stay in one class all the time as the stairs are very tiring especially when you have to go up and down them 7 times a day, every day.


My first day here was exciting because I got to see my friends after six weeks.

annan academyMost of the teachers are nice and they are very helpful too. The subjects aren’t bad either. My favourites are Craft and Design and H.E.

P7, when you come for your three day visit, don’t worry about getting lost or the food at lunchtime. First of all, you won’t get lost because the guides are excellent and even if you do get lost just ask someone nearby.The lunches here are amazing with a variety of choices…

I hope this letter helps you and you are already excited for the Academy.


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