Book Week – Blurbies

Book Week 2017

Book Week 2017

Book Week begins on Monday 11th September. All pupils and staff are being challenged to read for at least two hours during the week.

Don’t miss your chance to join in the fun and win a prize.


Book Week 2016

Book Week 2016 – Monday 12th – Friday 16th September

This year’s theme is NUMBERS and LETTERS.


There are lots of ways that you can get involved.

Why not take part in the SPONSORED READ? You can download a form from here, ask your Tutor for one or pick up one from the school library. Simply show your sponsor form to gain entry to the BOOK CAFE, which will be held in the school library every lunchtime during BOOK WEEK, and enjoy a free piece of fruit, raisins and juice.

Meanwhile, in the corridor outside the library at lunchtime for BOOK WEEK and the week after you will be able to buy books and stationery from the Scholastic Book Fair.

The Blurbie  competition is back. Dress Blurbie as a character from a book and you could win a prize. There will be a special prize for the design that best represents this year’s theme. Tutor groups will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourites.

S1 pupils will be taking part in the annual BOOK HUNT. The book badges worn by staff, Library Assistants and some senior pupils all have on them the picture and name of a book, available in the school library, that fits this year’s theme. To win, all you have to do is write down as many of the 100 book titles as you can. Hint: Don’t forget the office staff and janitors!


In your Tutor Groups you can try our two NUMBERS and LETTERS competitions. For the first, you’ll need to know your book titles and apply your maths skills if you want to win a class prize. To successfully complete the second quiz, you’ll need to find the 10 fact sheets scattered throughout the school. You can also have a go yourself, if you wish. Just pick up a competition entry form from the school library.

There are lots of prizes to be won and fun to be had – so don’t miss out!

Have a great BOOK WEEK!



Books read during Book Week

Here are just some of the books that pupils and staff read during Book Week 2015.

Divergent trilogy



Fun Reads

Fun books for boys

Manga Favourites


Cathy Cassidy

Cathy Cassidy trio

Adventure Time

Cosmic and b

Books to suit all tastes

book week books

Thanks again to everyone – pupils, staff, parents, friends and families – who took part in or supported Book Week 2015 at Annan Academy.

Special thanks to Mrs Nixon and her Library Assistants for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

Top Ten Blurbies

Cat in the Hat

Once again the Blurbie Design Competition has proved a great hit. If you click on the Cat in the Hat above you can see 63 of the entries for Book Week 2015.

The TOP TEN (the observant among you will see that there are actually 11 as we had a tie for 10th place) were voted for by Tutor Groups. Congratulations to the winners, of course, but well done to everyone – staff and pupils – who took part. Once again, the Blurbies made a fantastic display in the English corridor.



Blurbie display

Book Week 2015 – Monday 14th – Friday 18th September

Book Week 2015

BOOK WEEK 2015 begins on Monday.


This year’s SPONSORED READ is in aid of READATHON which supports four fantastic children’s charities.  Check the link for details :

There will be free drinks and snacks in the school library during lunchtime for those taking part in the SPONSORED READ. Tutor Groups have the option to sponsor their Tutor. You can even suggest which book your Tutor should read during BOOK WEEK.

All S1 pupils will be able to take part in the annual BOOK BADGE HUNT. Members of staff, library assistants and some senior pupils will be wearing badges with a picture of both a book and its film. There will be prizes for those who collect the most book and film titles.

To win a prize in the WRITING COMPETITION, all you have to do is write a book or film review OR review a book and its film and say which you prefer and why. Check out the POSTER for details.

BOOK WEEK would not be the same without the DRESS BLURBIE COMPETITION. This year, the challenge is to dress Blurbie as a character from a book or a film. Forms are available now from your Tutor and from the school library.

Get involved, have fun, and remember: READING IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR BOOK WEEK.



Book Week 2013 – Writing Competition

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s Book Week Writing Competition. Read the winning story by Leanne Wilson, runner-up Pippa Campbell’s tale of ‘A Bus Journey Through Time’ and extracts from some of the other entries by clicking below.

bus journey

Click here to read the winning entries

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