Paired Reading


This session’s paired Reading Scheme will begin in earnest after the October break. Anyone who wishes more information should contact Miss Watson.

Senior pupils taking part in the scheme will be allocated a mentor (a member of the English Department) to assist them throughout the session.

See below for details of the scheme which ran for the first time last session.


This session, the English Department is running a Paired Reading Scheme to improve the confidence and independence of younger readers by pairing them with successful learners in the senior school.

The Sixth Year pupil-mentors attended training sessions before being paired with S1 and S2 pupils. Each senior pupil has also been allocated to a member of staff whose role, as a mentor, is to provide extra support when required.

Using a research-based model, we tested the reading age of a control group, as well as participating pupils, so that we might accurately gauge pupils’ progress over the coming months.

The English Department is committed to improving basic literacy skills, so that pupils not only excel in English but also are better able to access the whole school curriculum, thus ensuring they develop the skills they need to achieve their full potential.

Our thanks go to Miss Creighton who set up the scheme. We wish her well in her new teaching post in the New Year.

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