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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls)For romance with a kick to it (literally), try Ally Carter’s new series about a school for girl spies. In the first book, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You, we meet Cammie who is known as ‘the Chameleon’ because of her ability to blend in to the background.

The books are about friendships and boys and school – with danger and adventure and fun all mixed in. They also have great titles. Next in the series is Cross My Heart & Hope To Spy with Never Judge A Girl By Her Cover due out soon.



brokenBROKEN SOUP by Jenny Valentine

Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine is very good.

It is about a girl called Rowan who has more responsibility than most other girls her age. She has to look after her little sister, Stroma, single-handedly. This doesn’t leave much time for her friends or being a normal teenager.

Rowan is out getting the groceries when a good-looking boy with an American accent presses a negative of a photo that has been dropped on the floor into her hand. She is sure it is a big mistake but when she looks around to say this and ask the boy what it is, he is lost in the crowd, nowhere to be seen. Rowan cannot lose her place in the queue as if she doesn’t get the shopping then no one will and there is no food left in the house.

Then she finds out that Bee from her school saw everything and something makes her very curious. She makes a best friend out of Bee and sets out on a mission to find out her unanswered questions: Who was this boy and why was he so insistent that the negative belongs to her?

By Ashleigh B.



This book is about a girl whose life has been turned upside down but is getting that little bit better step by step very slowly. She now has a boyfriend, her best friend’s big brother, Michael.

After finding out that she is a princess, Mia has to fulfil her duties by spending her whole Christmas over in Genovia. She was devastated because it was her first Christmas with the one she loves but she can’t be with him. When she gets there she has lots of things to do and can’t wait to get home.

When she does get home she arranges her first ever date with Michael but her grandmother has other plans for her. Her grandmother plans for her to go to the Black and White Ball with another man. Mia discourages this but in the end she has to attend the ball.

My favourite character is Mia because she has a very different lifestyle and is a princess but she still gets hassle at school. My least favourite character is Lana because she thinks highly of herself and is snobby.

I would recommend this book if you like reading diaries and getting gossip at the same time.

By Abbie C.


LuckyLUCKY STAR by Cathy Cassidy

Lucky Star is about a 14 year-old boy called Mouse, who is an “emo”.

At the start of the book, Mouse has been excluded from school because he got caught graffiti-ing on the school walls. After visiting his social worker, he goes around spraying his trademark mouse face on the walls of the shops, when he witnesses a girl almost running over a dog on her bike. He goes to help, and volunteers to take the dog to the vets. He becomes friends with the girl, Cat. He takes the dog home and calls him Lucky.

Mouse lives on the Eden Estate, known as the worst estate in London. His mum helps run The Phoenix, a day centre for recovering drug addicts. Mouse finds out that Lucky really belongs to the most dangerous man on the Eden Estate, Frank Scully. After this, The Phoenix is burnt to the ground by drug addicts, who don’t approve of the work they do.

The Phoenix is re-built, but only a few days after it re-opens, Frank Scully tries to kill Mouse’s mum, and is sent to prison. Mouse and Cat start a “Dealers Out” campaign, hoping to expose the main drug dealers on the Eden Estate. They go to the flats of nine well-known dealers, but get caught by the police during a raid. They are taken to the police station, where he finds out that his social worker is Cat’s dad, and that Cat is only twelve. Mouse goes back to school, and eventually makes friends with Cat again.

I liked this book because it’s believable and contains humour, sadness and scariness.

By Charley S.


THE DIARY OF A CHAV Series by Grace Dent


Shiraz Bailey Wood is a 15 year old living in Essex with her Mum, Dianne, Dad, Brian, dog, Penny, younger brother, Murphy and older sister, Cava Sue.  It has a really good plot and is realistic like the Woods going on a TV chat show and the presenter makes a disaster out of it; Cava Sue going missing; and Shiraz falling out with her spoiled best mate, Carrie Draper, over things like Carrie forgetting about Shiraz and going off with Bezzie Kellher, her boyfriend. But it turns it out well at the end because she starts going out with Bezzie’s mate, Wesley Barrington Bains II.


At the start of this story, Shiraz finds out she has passed seven GSCEs and decides to stay on to Mayflower Sixth Form Centre of Excellence where she meets snob Joshua Fallow. She dumps Wesley for Joshua but in the end realises she loves Wes.  This book is as good as the first and is funny and hard to put down once you’ve started reading.



Shiraz and Carrie leave Goodmayes for London.  Cava Sue now has a baby boy, Fin, with her boyfriend, Lewis.  Carrie goes to beauty school and Shiraz just goes from job to job even being one of Santa’s elves in a department store.  This book is the best out of the first three.


Shiraz, Carrie, Uma and Kezia head to San Antonio.  Shiraz and Carrie decide to stay in Ibiza after their holiday which turns out to be a disaster with the girls cleaning toilets and Carrie’s dodgy boyfriend landing her in jail.  The Ibiza Diaries is funny like the other Diary of a Chav books.



Shiraz is back in Goodmayes and back with Wesley.  Carrie is desperate to be famous, making Shiraz tag along with her to nearly every reality TV show audition possible.  It is actually Shiraz (which leaves Carrie furious) who ends up on the telly on a reality TV show where she is a PA for Tiffany Poole but soon finds out it isn’t as good as it sounds to be celeb.  The Fame Diaries is a good book but my least favourite Diary of a Chav because it is a bit boring in some parts.


Shiraz is now about twenty or twenty one and back in school sitting her   A Levels except nobody knows about them apart from Uma Brunton Fletcher, Shiraz’s friend who lives in Chelsea and works in a casino.  Shiraz’s life turns into a mess when her mum ends up in intensive care and enters Shiraz and Wesley into a GMTV Win a Wedding competition when Wes proposes to Shiraz.  Shiraz wants to marry him but in a few years time.  Shiraz gets offered a place at Oxford University; does she go to uni or get married? Read the book to find out.  Keeping It Real is my favourite Diary of a Chav because it is funny and exciting.

 By Rowane G.

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