jbBY ROYAL COMMAND by Charlie Higson

“Would have made Ian Fleming proud.”

When I read the first book about the young James Bond (SILVERFIN by Charlie Higson), I was gob-smacked at how good it was so I have read my way through all five. 

By Royal Command is the latest in the series of the books. 

At the start James Bond finds himself in a life-threatening, limb-breaking, adrenaline-pumping mission to rescue a drunken bully. Later on James falls in love with his housemaid at Eton. Then there is a plot to kill the king, a psycho Irish communist killer, and a painful secret in the book.

This is an amazing book!

By Lewis S.

If you are interested in reading about James Bond before he had a licence to kill, start with SILVERFIN by Charlie Higson.silverfin

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