by Dr Mike Goldsmith 

I decided to read this book because I knew quite a lot about scientists already, and I wanted to find out more about their work. There were also a few scientists that I hadn’t heard of before, so finding out about their work was very interesting. Here are some of the interesting things I found out while reading SCIENTISTS AND THEIR MIND-BLOWING EXPERIMENTS.

  1. Aristotle, a Greek scientist or “philosopher”, thought and proved that everything in the world had a place.
  2. Galileo was sent to prison for his discoveries, because they disagreed with the Bible.
  3. Isaac Newton, although he discovered many things to do with physics, didn’t really enjoy science.
  4. Michael Faraday blew up four experiments within five months.
  5. Charles Darwin, before his Theory of Natural Selection and Evolution, wrote a book about his pet worms.
  6. Gregor Mendel spent four years studying the growing process of peas.
  7. Louis Pasteur didn’t speak to his wife for six months because she didn’t like science.
  8. Marie Curie was killed by her experiments, due to exposure to radiation.
  9. Albert Einstein wasn’t German.
  10. Humans could be on Mars by the year 2020, if scientists are successful in current experiments.

By Charley S.


numberdevilTHE NUMBER DEVIL by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

The Number Devil is a book about Maths which gives you easy ways to solve problems. I enjoyed it very much; it gave me a lot of new information on Maths but I don’t think I’ll remember it all. It wasn’t a very easy book to read, it wasn’t the kind of book you would pick up and read for hours on end, so I found it quite hard to get into.

Robert, a boy who hates Maths and his teacher, always has strange dreams. He either dreams about fish or things he really wants, until the Number Devil comes along. The Number Devil, called Teplotaxl, enters twelve of Robert’s dreams and helps Robert understand Maths more by using very strange methods. Over the course of the book, Robert learns more and more about Maths and ways to do things easily. It also helps Robert in class, and makes the boring problems more exciting. In the end, Robert gets to go to a party with all the Number Devils and gets made into a Number devil himself.

I really enjoyed this book; I like maths so it wasn’t boring for me to read but even if you don’t like maths but love reading, it’s a great book for you to choose. 

This is a must-read for all mathematicians!

 By India R.

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