Fantasy/Horror – The Twilight Series

TwilightTWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

I loved this book! I couldn’t put it down as I was left wondering what happened next and just had to read on. This book is my favourite yet. The storyline is really good because it’s not your normal teenage love story because it has a twist… the Cullens are vampires.

I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a good read. Stephenenie Meyer is a brilliant writer and I am looking forward to the sequel, NEW MOON.

By Abby B

THE TWILIGHT SAGA – A report by Rebecca P 

All you need to know about all four books!

SmeyerWell, what can I say about The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer? Well, to me they are the best!

It is the story of a forbidden love between a vampire and a human named Edward and Bella.

I have to admit that I had heard very little about the Twilight Saga before the movie, “Twilight” was released in cinemas. I thought it would be too gothic for me but I went to the cinema with a few of my friends. That was when I became obsessed with Twilight. I have read all the books over six times! I never get bored of it.

There are four books called: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. There is another book in the making called Midnight Sun. It is Edward’s point of view of the events in Twilight. It was put on hold when it was leaked onto the internet. The author, Stephenie Meyer, wanted Midnight Sun to be a surprise. The fans of the Twilight Saga, also known as the “Twilighters” have begun appeals to have Midnight Sun published. I hope it is published too!

I hope you enjoy reading what I have written about all four books.


The reviews below were written by Rebecca Porter. Warning – if you have not yet read the books, the reviews contain plot spoilers.

TwilightTWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

This is the first book in the series. It is set in a small town called Forks, where it rains nearly all the time. Bella Swan has left sunny Phoenix to move in with her dad, Charlie, in Forks because her mum and step-dad want to travel.

At first, she hates Forks – she doesn’t want to be the centre of attention – but then she meets Edward.

At first Edward stays away from Bella but when Bella is put in danger, he saves her life when she is nearly crushed by a van unable to stop. Bella becomes suspicious and soon realizes that Edward is a vampire along with his family, the Cullens.

The Cullens are different: they call themselves “vegetarians” because they drink animal blood instead of human blood and they have learned to control their thirst.

Edward finally gives up trying to stay away from Bella and admits that he is in love with her. Everything is going well but then Laurent, Victoria and James arrive. They have found out that Bella is a human and they begin to hunt her. Laurent surrenders and Victoria is no-where to be seen but James then tricks Bella into thinking that he has kidnapped Bella’s mum. Bella leaves alone to find James. James attacks Bella, breaking her leg and throwing her into mirrors, which causes her to have lots of cuts on her head. Luckily Edward comes to the rescue.

While Jasper and Emmett, Edward’s “brothers” kill James. Carlisle, Edwards “dad” and Edward help Bella. She is losing a lot of blood. Carlisle realizes that James has bitten Bella on the wrist. She nearly turns into a newborn vampire but Edward comes to the decision to try and suck the vampire venom out of Bella’s blood. At first, he worries that he won’t be able to stop sucking Bella’s blood but he successfully takes the venom out and stop. He proves to Bella and himself that he really loves Bella.

A great book, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! 10/10


New Moon (Twilight Saga)NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the second of the Twilight Saga. It is Bella’s Birthday and everything is going well until the Cullens hold a party for her. Bella begins to open a present from Edward and Alice and gets a small paper cut which then turns into a big cut down her arm when Edward pushes her into a table with china on top it just as Jasper is about to attack her.

After the Party, Edward changes. All the Cullens are away. Edward takes Bella into the forest and tells her he doesn’t love her anymore and he is leaving and it will be as if he never existed. He leaves her heartbroken in the middle of the forest.

Bella’s life becomes very dull. Days become weeks, weeks become months. That is when Charlie steps in. He tells Bella that he is sending her back to Phoenix. Bella, of course refuses, she promises him that she will start seeing her friends that have stopped calling her. She arranges to go and see a horror movie with Jessica. Most of the time, Bella is outside because the romantic scenes remind her of Edward and herself. After the cinema, they decide to get something to eat. On the way there, Bella becomes sidetracked by a man that looks familiar. She begins to walk towards the man then realizes that she can hear Edward’s voice in her head when she puts herself in danger. She then goes back to Jessica who is so angry that she stops talking to her.

Bella starts talking to Jacob again. They ride motorbikes together which allows Bella to hear Edward. The problem is that Jacob has recently become a werewolf. On one of their many days together, Jacob promises Bella that he would take her cliff diving.  When it comes to the day that they are going cliff diving, Jacob has to cancel because the pack want him. Bella was so looking forward to hearing Edward that she decides she will go cliff diving herself. Not thinking about the hard crashing waves at the bottom of the cliff, Bella get’s ready to jump off the top of the cliff. Suddenly Edward’s voice begins begging her not to jump but Bella jumps, when she lands in the aggressive waves she is pulled under the water. Edward’s voice still begging, tells her not to give up but Bella gives up and says her final farewell. Suddenly something lifts her out of the water, it is Jacob. Jacob returns Bella home to realize there is a vampire in her house. Bella then notices the car outside the house is Carlisle’s car. Jacob allows Bella to go into the house alone when she assures him its Carlisle’s car.

Once inside, Bella searches for the light switch but a light switches on before she found it. Sat in front of her is Edward’s sister, Alice, who has the power to see the future. She explains to Bella how she saw Bella jump and thought she was dead. Once Alice seen Bella jump she told Rosalie who told Edward. Later, Jacob visits Bella, there is a phone call, Jacob answers, he explains to the caller that Charlie is at the funeral, and then Jacob puts the phone down. Jacob tells Bella it was Carlisle but it was Edward who actually phoned.

Alice later has a vision that Edward is going to ask to be killed by a “Royal coven in Italy called the Volturi. Bella and Alice begin their race to stop Edward before it is too late. It becomes very close but Bella stops him. They only have a quick reunion before some of the members of the Volturi find them because before Bella stopped Edward, Edward was planning to expose himself to the big crowd of festival celebrators. They are very close to death but are aloud to leave Italy.

After arriving back in Forks after the 3 day journey to Italy and back, Charlie bans Edward from visiting Bella because of the heartache and depression he caused her. Edward sneaks through Bella’s window. She wakens to the thought that she drowned from jumping off the cliff, she finally realizes that Edward is really there. They leave to visit the rest of the Cullens because Bella wants them to vote to decide if Edward should make her a vampire. They come to the decision that Bella will be transformed after she graduates. On the way back to Bella’s house, Edward proposes to Bella. She doesn’t believe at first but his expression gives it away. She doesn’t know what to say, so she just says yes.

Not my favourite out of the Twilight Saga but still really good. 9/10


Eclipse (Twilight Saga)ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse is the third book of the Twilight Saga. Edward and Bella are back together; Bella has to stay at home because she is grounded for her disappearance to stop Edward. Recently in Seattle there have been a lot of disappearances and deaths of people. Before the Graduation at Forks High School, Bella realizes that the missing clothes and objects from her bedroom have been taken by James’ avenging mate, Victoria. It turns out that Victoria has created an army of Newborn vampires. Alice has a vision of Victoria and the army appearing soon so the wolves and the Cullens join forces to destroy the army and Victoria. Edward, Bella and Jacob hide and create false trails to distract Victoria’s army. The fight is going well between the rest of the Cullens and wolves but then Victoria finds Edward and Bella. Edward quickly puts Bella as far away from Victoriaas he can and Seth, one of the new werewolves, and Edward destroy both Victoria and her partner, Riley. Jacob has run away at this point at the news of how little time is left before Bella is transformed and that Edward and Bella are engaged. Once the fight is over, the wolves leave and the Volturi appear to see what has happened. They leave with a warning that Bella should be transformed very soon. Edward takes Bella home to get ready to tell Charlie that they are getting married in the summer.

One of my favourites, full of action 10/10


Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga)BREAKING DAWN by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and latest book of the Twilight Saga. The story is told first from Bella’s point of view then Jacob’s then back to Bella’s. It is near Edward and Bella’s marriage and Edward has treated Bella to a new car. The wedding goes well and Edward and Bella leave to go their honeymoon, Bella has no idea where they are going. Edward takes Bella to an island in South America called Isle Esme, a gift to Esme from Carlisle. Before the wedding, Edward promises Bella that they will go through all human experiences before Bella is transformed. After only two weeks at Isle Esme, Bella begins to be sick a lot and then realizes that she is pregnant; she even has a small bump. Edward speaks to Carlisle and is told to bring Bella back quickly as the baby is dangerous –  it can kill her.

It then goes to Jacob’s point of view: he receives the news about Bella and leaves the pack. Seth and his sister, Leah, join him. They no longer hear the other members of the pack’s thoughts. After only few days there is an accident – Bella accidentally drops a cup full of blood and reflexively reaches down. The baby’s placenta detaches and Bella is dying. The baby turns out to be a half-human, half-vampire girl. Bella names her Renesmee. Edward delivers Renesmee and gives his venom to Bella transforming her. Jacob leaves full of grief knowing that Bella is now his enemy. He then sees Renesmee and he feels something different.

Bella awakens to her new body, now a strong, beautiful newborn vampire. Everything is going well until Alice has a vision of the future and runs away along with Jasper. Edward tells everyone that the Volturi are coming back to destroy the Cullens for creating an immortal child but what the Volturi don’t know is Renesmee is able to control her thirst for blood and can grow, rapidly. Vampires are normally trapped in the same body and never age. The remaining Cullens call all the vampires they know to witness when the Volturi come. Bella finds out she has a gift of shielding things and Renesmee has the gift to show the memories in her head by touching people on the neck with her palm. Renesmee proves to nearly all of them that the story they are telling is true. After the Cullens found out about Alice and Jasper, Bella found a note for her from Alice with an address. Bella goes to this address and finds out it is a way to save Renesmee and Jacob. Bella keeps it a secret from Edward so no one will find out including the Volturi.

When the Volturi finally arrive, Carlisle steps forward to greet the leaders and begins to explain about Renesmee and Bella. Edward steps forward as well and shows his point of view. After proving their point the Volturi gather in to decide whether or not they will destroy the Cullens. Edward then hears Alice and Alice and Jasper appear along with two other people. One of them appears to be Half Human, Half Vampire like Renesmee. He explains how he is able to control his thirst and is still able to eat human food. The Volturi leave with no excuse to destroy the Cullens. Everything goes back to normal and Edward and Bella finally get to spend time together without thinking of the Volturi. The book ends with two words on a new page: The End.

My favourite book, I so hope this isn’t the last. I want to find out what happens to Renesmee! 10/10

3 Responses to “Fantasy/Horror – The Twilight Series”

  1. holly c Says:

    i love these books because they kept you in suspense!
    Stephenie Meyer is now my favourite author!

    • cmjohnston Says:

      If you liked the ‘Twilight’ books check out Daniel Waters’ ‘Generation Dead’ (and its sequel ‘Kiss of Life’). You might also like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ by L.J.Smith and ‘Beautiful Dead’ by Eden Maguire.

  2. holly c Says:

    I have read Generation Dead but not the Kiss of Life and I have also started the Vampire Diaries

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