Dark Romance

Have you read the Twilight series and now you want more? Why not check out the books reviewed on this page.

Dead Beautiful

by Yvonne Woon

Just one kiss will take your breath away …

When Renee’s parents die in mysterious circumstances, she has to go to live with her grandfather and start a new school – Gottfried Academy, the school her mother went to.

There, of course, she meets a gorgeous, mysterious boy. Vampire? Zombie? Immortal? Exactly who or what is Daniel and how dangerous is it to fall in love with him?

Die for Me

by Amy Plum

Kate and her sister, Georgia, move to Paris to live with their grandparents after the death of their parents.

It is there that Kate meets Vincent Delacroix and learns of the dangers that lurk on the streets of Paris.

Vincent may be one of the good guys, but falling in love with him puts others – including her sister, Georgia – at risk. Can she be trusted to keep his secret? Can she save her sister before it is too late?


My Soul to Take

by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee Cavanaugh can sense when someone is about to die and when she does she has the overwhelming urge to scream at the top of her voice. As if being a teenager wasn’t bad enough!

Welcome to a world of banshees (bean sidhe) and reapers, where souls can be bought and sold and the Netherworld is too close for comfort.

Luckily for Kaylee, Nash, the hottest boy in school, seems to know about her powers and how to control them.

My Soul to Save

When teen pop sensation Eden dies on stage and Kaylee does not scream she knows that something is very wrong. Her fears are confirmed when she learns that other teens are selling their soul in return for fame without understanding the true price of the bargain – an eternity of suffering.

Kaylee and her friends have souls to save – literally.

 My Soul to Keep

Somehow an addictive and deadly paranormal drug has been brought into the human world. Unless Kaylee and her friends can stop it, more teens will die.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Nash is behaving strangely.

Look out for My Soul to Steal




Clockwork Angel

by Cassandra Clarke

The Infernal Devices Book 1 (A prequel to the Mortal Instruments series).

The Victorian England of this story is full of vampires, warlocks and other supernatural creatures.

Tessa is kidnapped and held captive by the Dark Sisters who train her to use an ability she did not know she had in order to prepare her for marriage to the mysterious Magister.

When she is rescued by the Shadowhunters she discovers just how little she knows about the world and the non-human creatures in it. Her quest to find and rescue her brother is fraught with danger and she makes a startling discovery about herself in the process.


Darkness Becomes Her

by Kelly Keaton

(Some strong language.)

Seventeen-year old Ari has teal-coloured eyes and silver hair that remains long and straight and silver in the moonlight no matter what she does to it.

Her quest to find the truth about the mother who abandoned her when she was four, the father she never knew, and about herself, leads her to New 2, the rebuilt New Orleans known as ‘a sanctuary, a hot spot, for the paranormal.’

Greek myth comes to life in this book which is the first in a new series.


Red Riding Hood

by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

and David Leslie Johnston

 A modern, werewolf twist to the traditional fairy story. This novel was based on David Leslie Johnston’s screenplay for the film. I have not yet seen the film so I’d be interested to ear from you which you prefer.


Kissed by an AngelKissed by an Angel

by Elizabeth Chandler

 When Ivy’s boyfriend Tristan is killed in a car crash she keeps having terrible nightmares and finds it difficult to come to terms with life without her soul mate.

When her little brother tells her that Tristan has become an angel, she refuses to believe him. How can Tristan save Ivy’s life if she cannot see or hear him?



If you’ve read Kissed by an Angel, don’t miss Evercrossed. I don’t want to give too much away but since Tristan came back as an angel in the first book it’s only right that death isn’t the end for evil Gregory.

This novel ends on a cliffhanger setting us up nicely for book three in the series.

The Immortals: Evermore: He said he`d never let her go ...




 Also by Elizabeth Chandler – The Immortals series:





By Alexandra Adornetto

Gabriel the warrior and Ivy the healer are used to dealing with humans and keeping the fact that they are angels a secret. This is Bethany’s first mission and everything is new and surprising for her. She even enjoys her first experience of high school.

Things become very complicated when she finds herself falling in love with a mortal boy.




by Rebecca Lim

Mercy remembers very little about her past. She does not even know her own name but Mercy seems to have some significance for her. Just as Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap finds himself leaping into the lives of others ‘setting right what once went wrong’ so Mercy, an angel, finds herself taking on a new human form time after time.

She has to quickly piece together who she is and live a life that is not her own until she moves on, hoping always that she will somehow get back to her own existence.

As well as the supernatural element this is also a mystery story. What exactly happened to Ryan’s sister? Is the kidnapper still out there? Are others in danger?

 In the sequel, Exile, we find out more about Mercy and why she has been cast into the mortal world.


Beautiful Creatures 

by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan lives in Gatlin, South Carolina where everyone knows everyone else and nothing ever changes . Cue the new girl in town who is quite literally the girl of Ethan’s dreams. Of course she has magic powers, is cursed, and will probably turn evil on her sixteenth birthday – and you thought you had problems!

The story continues in Beautiful Darkness.



Not vampires but werewolves in


by Maggie Stiefvater.

Grace is fascinated by the wolves in the woods behind her house; one yellow-eyed wolf in particular. Every winter, she watches him but every summer, he disappears. Sam leads two lives. In winter he stays in the frozen woods, with the protection of the pack. In summer, he has a few precious months to be human . . . until the cold makes him shift back again.

When Grace and Sam finally meet they realize they can’t bear to be apart. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human – or risk losing himself, and Grace, for ever.

Don’t miss Linger, the next book in the series.



by Carrie JonesNeed

Not just werewolves but pixies as well. 

Zara is an interesting heroine. After the death of her stepfather, Zara is sent to stay with her grandmother in the hope that she can begin to take an interest in life again.

At school she makes new friends – and meets cute boys, of course. She also discovers something unbelievable about her real father – something that might not only put her life in danger but might separate her from her new friends.

The story continues in Captivate.





by Jenna Black

When Dana Hathaway travels to Avalon to find her father she discovers that she is a Faeriewalker. She soon discovers the danger involved in having much sought after skills.

Shadowspell introduces us to the Erlking who can protect Dana perhaps even better than her father can – but at what price?



My favourite werewolf series begins with Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The main character is Bryn, a human girl raised by a werewolf pack after her parents were killed by a rogue werewolf when she was only four.  She is Pack life is about order, but Bryn is about to push all the limits, with hair-raising results. The book explains how the pack works and especially what it means to be alpha or leader. Even though she lacks the strength of the wolves, Bryn is brave and compassionate but disobeying the rules of the pack could prove fatal. 

I’m halfway through the sequel, Trial of Fire, and enjoying it just as much if not more than the first book. 




School stories with a difference

Join The Chosen Few at Darke Academy – if you dare!

Secret Lives (Darke Academy)


Darke Academy: Secret Lives

by Gabriella Poole

Cassie’s first term at Darke Academy is more eventful than she could ever have imagined.

A scholarship pupil, Cassie feels out of place amongst the rich, beautiful and sophisticated students at the Academy.

Before long her curiosity leads her into danger as she tries to uncover the secrets of the Few, a select group of pupils feared by students and staff alike.

The story continues in Blood Ties, and in Divided Souls.



By Chloe Neill

The first book in a new series for teens. My daughter and I have enjoyed her more adult Chicagoland series but The Dark Elite series is much more suitable for teens.

The story is told by Lily Parker who has been sent by her parents to St Sophie’s School for Girls. Before long she finds not only that lots of people are hiding the truth from her, including her parents and her roommate, but that there are all kinds of supernatural creatures at large inChicago.

Lily Parker’s adventures continue in Hexbound as she learns to control her new powers and figure out how she feels about Jason and the mysterious bad boy, Sebastian.

Term time begins at Evernight Academy.



by Claudia Gray

Bianca’s parents have always told her how special she is to them – especially as her birth was an unexpected blessing.

Anxious to encourage their shy daughter to become more independent, Bianca’s parents take up teaching positions at Evernight Academy and Bianca is enrolled as a student there. Bianca contemplates running away but is ‘rescued’  by Lucas.

Whilst their first date ends in disaster, Bianca finds herself drawn towards Lucas but their relationship is fraught with danger.

There’s a nice twist to the book which makes it that little bit different from other vampire stories.

You can read more in Stargazer and Hourglass and Afterlife.

If you are hooked by Evernight you’ll soon begin to wonder if there’s any way that Lucas and Bianca can ever be together especially after the surprising turn of events in Hourglass. Expect lots of twists and turns in Afterlife as their story comes to an end.




Vampire Academy

by Richelle Mead

At the beginning of Vampire Academy, Rose and Lissa are tracked down and forced to return to St Vladimir’s. Throughout the novel we are then told, piece by piece, why they felt compelled to run away and remain hidden for two years. The story is told by Rose but her bond with Lissa means that she can get into Lissa’s mind and experience what she sees and feels. Rose is impulsive and kick -ass, literally. This is boarding school with bite.

The story continues in Vampire Academy: Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound… and Last Sacrifice.


For Vampire stories with a bit more humour try The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey and Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

My Love Lies Bleeding (Drake Chronicles)

My Love Lies Bleeding

by Alyxandra Harvey

Solange is special as she is the only girl to have been born a vampire – rather than made – for centuries. As such she poses a threat to the vampire queen.

With seven brothers and her human friend, Lucy, to protect her, perhaps her enemies ought to think twice before they threaten her safety.

Lucy is a fun narrator and you’ll enjoy her blossoming romance with a teenage vampire in a story of vampire factions and vampire hunters.


In Blood Feud, the focus shifts to Solange’s brother, Logan and to Isabeau St Croix who survived the French Revolution only to be turned into a vampire and left buried for two hundred years.

Out for Blood  – Hunter Wild just wants to get through her last year at the secret Helios-Ra Academy. To do so, she’ll have to betray her grandfather, date a vampire and possibly take down the entire League – all before the end of term.



Vampire Kisses: The BeginningVampire Kisses

by Ellen Schreiber

This volume contains the first three Vampire Kisses books: Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins and Vampireville.

When she is five, Raven tells her teacher and her classmates that when she grows up she wants to be a vampire. It’s hardly surprising that they find her strange after that.

Now a teenager, Raven dresses in black – including her lipstick – and revels in being different.

When a new family move in to the abandoned mansion on top of Benson Hill, Raven is determined to see inside – and find out all she can the family’s teenage son, Alexander, who is home-schooled and shuns the daylight.

Could this be her dream come true? 


Glass Houses:  The Morganville Vampires Book 1Rachel Caine’s

The Morganville Vampires

Glass House is the first book in The Morganville Vampires series.

Claire Danvers loves school and is incredibly smart. At only sixteen and a half she has already graduated from high school. However, she makes the mistake of showing up cool kid Monica in front of her friends.

Escaping from the vicious bullying that follows, Claire rents a room in a spooky mansion. It is her flatmates who tell her Morganville’s big secret – the town is run by vampires. Protected whilst she is in the house, Claire is in mortal danger whenever she goes outside.  

The next three books in the series are The Dead Girls’ Dance, Midnight Alley and Feast of Fools.


Zombies need love too!

 Generation Dead

Generation Dead

by Daniel Waters

I loved this book when I first read it. You can read a review on the Fantasy – Horror page.

I was a little disappointed by the follow-up The Kiss of Life partly, I think, because I thought it was the second book in a trilogy and was setting things up for the final book. However, the third book – Passing Strange – does not complete the story at all but looks at ‘life’ from Karen’s point of view.

Having returned from the dead – she committed suicide – Karen is passing herself off as a normal living teenager. If her secret is discovered the consequences will be terrible for her and her family. That makes her ‘relationship’ with Peter who hates zombies with a passion even more dangerous. However, how else can she prove that she and her friends were not to blame for the crimes that are supposedly being committed by those teenagers who have returned from the dead.

Add to that Karen’s new powers and the story continues to twist in new directions.


The Beautiful Dead Beautiful Dead: Jonas Bk.1: v. 1

by Eden Maguire

Four teenagers have died in mysterious circumstances within a year.

Darina cannot bear the loss of her beloved boyfriend, Phoenix. Then one day he appears to her and tells her about the Beautiful Dead – souls like him who are in limbo, chosen and given a year to solve the mystery surrounding their death so that they might rest in peace.

Granted the chance to spend some time with Phoenix, Darina undertakes to help Jonas, Arizona, Summer and, finally, Phoenix find the answers they seek – even if it puts Darina herself in danger.

Book 1 tells Jonas’s story, Book 2 Arizona’s, Book 3 Summer’s. Each is a supernatural whodunnit. 

It will be interesting to see how the story ends – can Darina and Phoenix ever be truly reunited? You’ll have to read Book 4 Phoenix to find out.

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