I’ve read and enjoyed Alyxandra Harvey’s vampire series (check out the Dark Romance page) and therefore just had to try this book.

Set in Victorian times, the main character, Violet, lives with her mother, a self-absorbed, often cruel, sham spiritualist.

Violet does not believe in spirits which makes it all the more disturbing for her when she discovers that the spirit of a young girl is determined to haunt Violet until she brings the murderer to justice and, in doing so, saves the life of the dead girl’s twin sister.


by Jeri Smith-Ready

Children born after the Shift can see and talk to ghosts. Aura and other teens like her often find themselves in court giving evidence on behalf of the deceased in order that they might get justice and move on.

Aura is special in that she was the very first child born after the shift. However, she finds the whole talking-to-ghosts thing a bit of a drag until her boyfriend, Logan, dies suddenly.

This book poses a lot more questions than it answers. What is the connection between her mother’s visit to Stonehenge and the Shift, for instance? Just how significant is it that Zachary, the new boy at school, was the last person born before the shift? (I’ve just noticed that the names Aura and Zachary are significant in themselves!) That means you’ll be anxious to read the next book in the series to find out.

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller explores the idea of past lives and soul mates.

Haven has had dreams and visions of Ethan since she was a small girl. When she sees a picture of movie star Iain Morrow she ‘recognises’ him immediately. Whilst she only has flashes of her previous lives, Iain can remember every detail of his and of his love for her in all her reincarnations.

Haven finds it difficult to know who to trust and is drawn to the Ourobourous Society for answers even though Ian has warned her against its members.

The next instalment of their story is due out in August.

Angel Kiss

by Laura Jane Cassidy

Jacki King has moved from Dublin with her mum to a small village. She misses her friends but things begin to look up when she meets Nick. It’s just a pity he already has a girlfriend. Then her nightmares begin, followed by strange visions, voices and signs. Are they really messages from a girl who was murdered in the village years before? What will happen if she ignores these ghostly pleas for help? Perhaps, even more dangerous, what happens if she discovers the truth?

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