Welcome to Annan Academy


We’d like to welcome the P7 pupils to Annan Academy and hope that you enjoy your 3-day visit.

As you make your way around the school with your S6 guides, meet your new teachers and get a glimpse of what life at Annan Academy is all about, spare a thought for your parents and carers who are even more nervous and worried than you are.

During your visit your Tutor will give you a copy of the Summer Reading Challenge booklet. We’re hoping that a record number of you will take up the challenge and read SIX books – of your own choice – during the summer holidays.

This year, for the first time, we are opening up the challenge to everyone in the school – including members of staff. Parents and members of the wider community can also take part.

You can download copies of the booklets and a special Summer Challenge leaflet by clicking on the links below.

Summer Challenge 2014

Summer Reading Challenge booklet for S1 pupils


Summer Challenge 2014 whole school

Summer Challenge 2014 – whole school

Summer Challenge 2014 adults

Summer Challenge 2014 – Annan Community



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