Are you missing Alex Rider?

If you’re looking for something to read whilst hiding from the thunder and lightning, then don’t despair. Alex Rider may have sailed off into the sunset (or more accurately, taken a plane to the USA) but there are new heroes out there.

Boy Nobody

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff is my hot tip for the summer.

Boy Nobody is on a mission. Posing as the new kid in town, his job is to get close to his target, kill him (or her), then move on. No one will ever suspect that their kid’s sixteen-year-old friend is really a trained assassin.

Recruited when he was only twelve, after the death of his parents, our ‘hero’ faces his most difficult mission yet and begins to question his orders. His doubts might just get him killed.

I read this book at one sitting. It zips along at a terrific pace and is just what we Alex Rider fans were looking for.

Bodyguard: HostageChris Bradford, author of Young Samurai, has begun a new series. Bodyguard: Hostage (with Bodyguard: Ransom due out in May 2014) is about a group of teenagers who are trained in surveillance, hostage survival and unarmed combat and become Buddyguards – young bodyguards. (You’d think by now that the villains of the world would stop underestimating teenagers!)

Connor Reeves is on his way home from a kick-boxing tournament when he spots a boy in trouble and steps in to save him being beaten up by a gang of youths. However, he ends up being arrested and the boy he helped isn’t around to back up his story.

If you want to know how he gets from there to protecting the daughter of the President of the USA, you’ll have to read the book.

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