Who do you trust when everything you’ve ever been told is a lie?

AlteredAnna’s father works for the Branch.  During the day, Anna helps him in the lab beneath their farmhouse. At night, she sneaks down to spend some time with the four genetically altered boys imprisoned there.

Of the four boys, Trev is the one Anna confides in and considers to be her friend but it is Sam she is drawn to in a way that she does not understand.

Anna suspects that the boys are part of a series of experiments designed to create super-soldiers. The boys no longer age at the normal human rate and are very strong but their memories have been impaired by the drugs they have been given.

Desperate for answers, the boys escape from the lab. Anna’s father is shot and she ends up on the run too. Before long, she discovers that nothing is as it seems and that she has more in common with the boys than she could ever have imagined.

Suitable for older teens, the action zips along at top-speed.


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