The Hunt continues

The Hunt continues

The Hunt continues

There are no shiny, vegetarian vampires in this series by Andrew Fukuda. In The Prey (the sequel to The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda), Gene and the small band of hepers (humans) led by Sissy are on the run from the vampires who hunt them down without mercy. It is a measure of the vampires’ ruthless determination that they continue to pursue the young humans even in the deadly sunlight.

Just when it seems that all is lost, Gene finds a message from his father which leads the teenagers to a refuge in the mountains.

Gene is ill for a time but when his strength returns he discovers that the sanctuary is not all that it seems. There are no other young men or boys there and the girls are ‘forced’ to be happy and are punished if they step out of line. Gene is furious that the others have allowed Sissy to be treated badly.

What was it that led his father to live in seclusion and then take his own life, and what really lies at the end of the train tracks?

Fast paced and chilling.

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