The Still Blue

Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night

I loved Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

In the sequel, Through the Ever Night, Perry is now Blood Lord, having killed his brother. Perry loves Aria but it seems that the people of the Rift – Perry’s people – will never accept her. To them she will always be a Dweller even though she is actually only half  Dweller and has the powers of an Aud which means she can hear even the softest of sounds over long distances.

This sci-fi adventure (and romance) is set in a world devastated by Aether storms.

Perry must prove his worth as Blood Lord not only by protecting his people and feeding them in a time of great shortages but also by rescuing his nephew, Talon, and Clara who were sold by his brother, Vale, to the Dwellers in Reverie.

Reverie itself is no longer safe.

The only hope for survival for both the people of the Rift and the Dwellers rests in finding the Still Blue – if it exists.

Under the Never Sky

The story begins in Under the Never Sky.

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