Deadly Secrets

Envy by Elizabeth Miles

Envy by Elizabeth Miles

The Furies are back! Actually, they never left.

In Envy by Elizabeth Miles (the sequel to Fury) the Furies target new girl, Skylar McVoy, who is hiding a terrible secret.

The Furies appear as beautiful young women and befriend their victims in order to take their revenge in merciless fashion.

Gabby and Emily are trying to get their friendship back on track after Emily’s betrayal with Gabby’s ex. Emily now realises that she is in love with JD, the boy-next-door, but he refuses to have anything to do with her and she cannot tell him the truth about the Furies without putting his life in danger.

Emily must try to find a way to stop the Furies and protect those around her but she is changing in ways she does not understand.

The end of the novel sets everything up perfectly for Eternity, the final book in the trilogy.



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