Born Wicked

Born Wicked

Born Wicked

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood is the first instalment of The Cahill Witch Chronicles.

Set in an alternative late nineteenth century America, the story is told by Cate. In six months, Cate will be seventeen. Before then, she must announce her intention either to marry or to join the Sisters. Failing that, a husband will be chosen for her by the Brothers.

If she marries Paul he’ll expect her to move with him to New London which is a two-day journey away from the family home and Cate promised her mother that she would protect her two sisters and the secret that all three of them are witches. Those even suspected of having magic are ruthlessly pursued by the Brothers and sent to prison or an asylum or simply disappear.

Cate must make a decision soon but she is not sure how she feels about Paul; finds herself drawn to her father’s new gardener, Finn; and her relationship with her sister, Maura, is strained to breaking-point by the arrival of a new governess.

A promising start to the series.

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