Who’s the Real Monster?

Shatter Me

Shatter Me

I really enjoyed Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and have a copy of the sequel, Unravel Me, sitting on the desk beside me, just waiting to be read.

The story begins with Juliette locked in solitary confinement in a mental institution. As she tell us her story, she censors her own thoughts – crossing out the truth and replacing it with something ‘safer’.

She tells of how her parents did not make any attempt to save her or stop The Reestablishment from taking her away and locking her in the asylum. She herself believes that her ‘punishment’ is just because she has killed someone – her touch is deadly. Yet, she longs for freedom and love.

When Adam, a boy from her past, is put into the room with her, she finds herself drawn to him whilst, at the same time, she is terrified that she might unwittingly touch and kill him.

Juliet thinks of herself as a monster but there are those wish to use her as a weapon. One such person is Warner who is fascinated by her and ‘loves’ her. This sets up an unusual love triangle and makes it impossible not to want to read what happens next.

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