What are you reading on World Book Day?

Time Riders: The Pirate Kings

Time Riders: The Pirate Kings

I’m reading Time Riders: The Pirate Kings by Alex Scarrow. This is the seventh book in the series and this time the teenage time travellers decide to take a trip back to 1666 to witness the Great Fire of London at first hand. Liam who does not think this is one of Maddy’s better ideas is proved right when he and Rashim become separated from the girls and end up on board a ship bound for Jamaica. The captain has promised his crew riches galore from plundered Spanish ships but he is not all that he pretends to be.

I am at the part where Maddy has reached the conclusion that Liam does not want to be found – after all, he talks nostalgically about his time as the Sheriff of Nottingham – and she and Bob have given up their search for Liam and Rashim and have returned to their new base in London in 1889. Liam and Rashim, meanwhile, have had their first encounter with real pirates; led a mutiny which saw Rashim become captain; and are facing a second mutiny, this time against them, if the ship’s fortunes do not swiftly take a turn for the better.

boat_47For those familiar with the series, the prologue gives more information about Waldstein and the state of the world in 2050.

For anyone who hasn’t yet read any of these books, if you like science fiction and the whole idea of time travel, then this is a series you’ll love.

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