Love Hurts

Hysteria by Megan Miranda

Hysteria by Megan Miranda

Mallory’s mother is afraid of her. First she hid the knife block – the one in the kitchen with one knife missing, the one used to kill Mallory’s boyfriend. Then Mallory’s mum locked her bedroom door. Finally, Mallory found a packed suitcase on her bed. Her parents were sending her away to Monroe Prep School: away from her best friend, Colleen, who’d lied for her to the police and found her covered in Brian’s blood; away from the bleached spot on the kitchen floor where Brian’s blood had been; away from Brian’s mother who hated her and stalked her; away so that her mother’s life could be ‘normal’ again.

Mallory says she ‘always runs’ but she can’t run away from that night. Even at her new school, she cannot escape Brian and his mother. At night she hears the boom, boom, boom of Brian’s heartbeat and in the morning she sees the marks where his fingers have dug into her shoulder.

Just as in Fracture, the novel explores lots of serious issues such as guilt, friendship, loss, violence and relationships. I’d recommend this for older teens because of that and because there is a little bit of strong language.




If you enjoy Hysteria check out Fracture, also by Megan Miranda.


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