March Madness

As I haven’t written a post for a while, I decided to set myself a challenge – to write something every day for a month. I probably should have chosen last month as it only had 28 days but it’s too late now.

I was going to start with the book I’m reading at the moment – Splintered by A.G. Howard – because the story was inspired by Alice in Wonderland  where we meet the March Hare but I haven’t quite finished it so I’ve decided to review The Disappeared by C.J. Harper instead.

The Disappeared

The Disappeared

The story is told by Jackson. He and his friend, Wilson, are on an errand for Facilitator Johnson when they are attacked and Wilson is killed. Horrified, Jackson goes to the police but when they return to the scene of the crime, Wilson’s body has disappeared. When the police take Jackson back to the top-rated Learning Community where he has lived ever since he was five, Facilitator Johnson denies knowing him and there is no record of Jackson ever having attended the school.

Jackson is given a new identity and sent to an Academy where pupils are kept tethered to their desks (and given an electric shock if they are disobedient) and the teachers are kept in cages. Exclusion from the Academy means being sent into the Wilderness.

The students at the Academy are not impressed by Jackson. If he can’t fight then he isn’t worth much to them. They can’t even understand him as their vocabulary is deliberately limited. (This is George Orwell’s Newspeak in action.) Life is grim for Jackson but gradually he makes connections with other children at the Academy. Then a new teacher arrives.

If you enjoyed The Maze Runner you’ll like this.

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