Treats for Halloween

Treat yourself to a good book this Halloween.

It’s dark and cold and wet. Why not stay in and read a book instead? Here are three suggestions:

The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson is the latest book in The Enemy series.  The adults – zombies, sickos, mothers and fathers (the children have lots of different names for them) – are changing. They’re getting organised – and that means surviving is about to become even more difficult for the children.

Shadowman is following a group he calls The Fear. Slowly but steadily their numbers are increasing. Soon they will be a formidable force.

Sam and The Kid are determined to find Sam’s sister, Ella, but they are lured into a trap set not by the zombies but by other children who think Sam is their saviour. Will Ed rescue Sam in time? Will Shadowman be able to convince the kids that the danger is growing?

In this novel we at last find out about the origins of the sickness that has changed adults into monsters.

What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang isn’t a horror story – it’s sci-fi – but you’ll be horrified when you find out what happens to the children in the story.

In this world everyone is born with two souls, two separate minds in the same body. Addie and Eva are closer than twins, better than friends but by the time they are ten they are expected to ‘settle’. The dominant soul – in this case Addie – will take over completely and Eva will cease to exist. But something goes wrong and although Eva can no longer control their body and only Addie is aware of her presence, she is still there. Addie and Eva have to hide their secret as hybrids are feared and reviled. They cannot tell anyone the truth, not even their parents and certainly not their friends at school.

The consequences of discovery are even more horrible than they could ever have imagined.

In Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey, Wren is devastated when her boyfriend, Danny, dies. She cannot imagine her life without him so she uses magic to bring him back. Of course, Danny can’t go home – his family buried him after all – and he isn’t the same.

It doesn’t take Wren long to realise that she has made a terrible mistake but can she let Danny go and put things right before it’s too late?

If you’ve read “The Monkey’s Paw” then you’ll know to be careful what you wish for.

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