Dear Primary 7s

Our new First Year pupils have been writing to our feeder Primary schools to let them know how they are getting on at the Academy. Here are some extracts from their letters.


First Impressions

I didn’t really know what to expect the first time I came to the Academy. Now I feel like I was always here.

I thought I might get lost but I’ve found my way… I thought Annan Academy was big but when you know where you’re going, it’s small.

When you get here it seems quite scary but after a while it’s really cool.

My first impression of the Academy was that it is big and has A LOT of stairs.

My first challenge was to conquer the endless stairs that towered above me.

I thought I was going to get lost. However, it is very easy to get around from class to class.

At the start I was nervous but I have gained confidence through the time I have been here.

It is really good at the Academy.

Good things about the Academy

There are lots of things I like about Annan Academy. I have enjoyed every moment of it.

It’s more exciting than Primary because you move around different classes and you get your own lunch.

There is a variety of subjects compared to Primary.

I’ve made lots of new friends.

They treat you like adults, they have better meals and you can actually have your lunch outside.

My favourite subjects are Craft and Design (you get to use saws), Art, English and Drama … Music is amazingly awesome … the best subject is P.E. because you get rugby, football, athletics and much more… my Maths teacher is cool… Science… H.E. … R.E. … Geography, ICT …

It is fun at break because you get to meet new people.

Football … I’m in the school team.

Moving classrooms and having more than one teacher.

Most of the teachers are nice and friendly.

There are loads of clubs on offer to go to at lunchtime and break.

There are so many good things I could go on forever.

Bad things

Everybody complains about the STAIRS.

Going up to the top floor.

Guessing exactly where to go is hard, but you get used to it after a week or so.

Some of the teachers are really strict.

It’s very cold in winter. I’m shivering right now! Brrr!

Bad weather and stairs = zonked!

You have to carry your bag around which is annoying.

There are no lockers.

The tie is the most annoying part of the uniform because it always comes apart.

You get more homework and it is harder.

I don’t like being the smallest again.

Smelly toilets, heavy bags and the chewing gum under the desks. YUCK!

We are classed as the little ones so you go from being big P7s to small S1s.

I got lost one time. It was hilarious at first but then it got scary because I got locked out. Woops!

Things I miss

Being able to get up later. (I like my sleep.)

The pupils and teachers.

I miss being a house captain

I miss being in Primary where we all sit in the same class together.

Advice for P7s

In P7

Make the most of Primary.

Being a P7 brings loads of responsibilities.

Don’t be scared and make the most of Primary.

Be the best P7s you can be.

Have lots of fun in Primary 7 and get the best out of it.

At the Academy

There are millions of people in Annan Academy but don’t be scared.

Get to class on time.

Once you’re here you should just be yourself.

Try not to get lost and bring a big bag.

Don’t be cheeky and always do your homework on time.

My advice for P7s is not to act all hard but be confident in yourself.

Do your best.

Stick in and have fun.

Don’t worry because everyone does. Just believe in yourself and every day will just fly past.

Listen on your three-day visit so you know what to do and where to go after the holidays.

Enjoy the Academy. It isn’t as scary as it sounds.

This time next year your letter might be getting read out.

Thank you for all your help, I think I’ll get on just fine.

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