One lottery you wouldn’t want to win

Seventeen-year-old Gene has to go to extra-ordinary lengths to hide who and what he is even from his classmates. If you think school is murder, imagine being the only human in a school full of vampires.

As far as the general population knows, the only remaining humans – or hepers – are housed in domes on the savannah and studied at the nearby Heper Institute.

Few people will ever have the chance of tasting heper flesh and blood. That is why the Sponsored Heper Hunt, held every decade, is such an eagerly anticipated event.

When Gene’s lottery numbers come up he is whisked away to be trained for the Hunt. In close proximity with the other lucky winners, it seems impossible that he can continue to conceal his true identity when even his sweat threatens to give him away.

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda is a tense, inventive vampire/dystopian future novel. The twist at the end provides the perfect set-up for a sequel.


“I have died three times, and three times been reborn …”

Prince Khemri is only one of ten million Princes in the Empire. All of them were specially chosen, taken from their birth parents and enhanced. They are stronger, faster and smarter than any ordinary person. Each Prince is specially trained and, like Prince Khemri, aspires to becoming Emperor one day. What Prince Khemri hasn’t realised is that the day he formally becomes a fully-fledged Prince is the day he becomes a legitimate target for all the other Princes. After all the best way to advance your own career is to eliminate the competition.

Fortunately for the rather arrogant and self-satisfied Khemri, he has been assigned Haddad as his Master of Assassins and the Emperor seems to have taken a special interest in Khemri’s training.

As the story progresses, Khemri realises that far from being special and ‘the only Prince in the whole galaxy’ he has a great deal to learn not only about himself, but about the lives and fears of ordinary people, and about the vast Empire itself.

Players of sci-fi games and lovers of the Star Wars films will enjoy this stand-alone sci-fi adventure.



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