High school is murder


Dead Rules (She loved her boyfriend to death) by R.S. Russell is a warning to boys everywhere. 

Jana Webster is madly in love with Michael Haynes – she introduces herself on the school bus as Jana Webster of Webster and Haynes. What she hasn’t yet realised is that she is dead and on her way to Dead School. When she gets a day off school to attend her own funeral, she begins to put together a plan to kill her boyfriend so that they can be together forever.  

Will she discover the truth about her death and how Michael really felt about her before it is too late for him – and for her? 



In Shift by Em Bailey it doesn’t take long before new girl, Miranda Vaile, becomes Katie’s BFF. It seems to Olive, that Miranda is taking everything from Katie – her look, her status, her boyfriend, and perhaps even her will to live. Olive is afraid for her ex-best friend but she has too many issues of her own such as coping with the aftermath of the Incident, her guilt over her part in her parents’ break-up, and working out how she feels about the new boy.

Is she already too late to save Katie? This is teenage angst with a malevolent twist.



Hartley, the main character in Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday, keeps finding herself the focus of high school gossip for all the wrong reasons. This time it’s because her soon to be ex-boyfriend has been two-timing her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when she goes to confront her almost ex, she discovers the other girl in his bedroom – dead. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time seems to be Hartley’s forte.

Despite the fact that here’s yet another mother who inflicts strange vegetarian dishes on her long-suffering teenage daughter, this is an interesting and quirky murder mystery.



Vee, in Slide by Jill Hathaway, knows that her sister’s friend didn’t kill herself. She also knows her best friend’s deepest secrets but not because he has confided in her. Just by coming into direct contact with an object, Vee can slide into the mind of the person who owned or touched the object last. That’s how she came to be in the girl’s bedroom – inside the killer’s head – just after the murder had been committed.

Vee can’t tell the truth about her ability – why would anyone believe her when her own father didn’t? – but maybe she can use it to track down the killer and protect those she loves.

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