MEDIUMS in all shapes and sizes

The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting is the third book in The Body Finder series.

Violet is now part of a special investigative team made up of teenagers with psychic abilities. Violet is drawn to the bodies of the dead. Each dead person (or animal) carries a unique echo which might be a sound or smell or image. That same echo clings to the killer which means that Violet can match the murder with his or her victim(s).

Violet contiues to struggle to try to live a normal life whilst trying to cope with her special ability. Before long, Violet comes to the attention of ‘the collector’, a serial killer who targets young women. Can the others save her before he adds her to his collection?

The parts of the novel which take the reader into the mind of the collector are particularly chilling.

A tense addition to the series – with a twist at the end.


Unleashed: A Life and Death Job by Ali Sparkes is the first book in the Unleashed series about a group of teenagers with special powers.

In this novel, Lisa and Mia are supposed to be having a well-earned break. Mia is a healer but helping others, particularly those she cares about, drains her energy. Lisa is psychic and can see and hear the dead. Determined to make the most of her holiday, she refuses to acknowledge the drowned girl that haunts her hotel room every day (and soaks the carpet) and the other ghosts in the hotel lobby. However, when her spirit guide, Sylvie, warns her of danger and she is caught up in the kidnap of a teenage girl, it seems that Lisa’s shopping spree will have to be put on hold. Luckily, she has help in the form of Mystic Michael, a dishy TV psychic, who turns out to have some real psychic power after all.

Set in London, this is a fast-paced adventure with a supernatural twist.


Clarity by Kim Harrington

Clarity “Clare” Fern lives in a tourist town with her mother and brother. Together they offer tourists psychic “readings”. Clare’s mother can read people’s thoughts (all mothers can do a bit of that!); her brother, Perry, can speak to the dead; and Claire gets visions from objects, which is why people at school think she’s a freak. Things were better when she was going out with Justin, the mayor’s son, until she had a vision of him with another girl and dumped him. Justin wants her back but Claire can’t forgive him.

When a teenage girl is murdered, Clare teams up with Justin and Gabriel, the hot son of the town’s new detective, to help find the killer. Things get really complicated when Clare discovers not only that Perry was with the girl in her hotel room shortly before her death, making him a chief suspect, but also that Gabriel hates psychics and thinks she’s a fraud.

A murder mystery with a psychic twist – and romance thrown in.

(In Perception, Clare finally chooses between Justin and Gabriel. If there are to be more books in the series then I suspect that Clare will eventually discover that neither Justin nor Gabriel is right for her and her soul mate has been close by all along.)

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