World Book Day – Thursday 1st March

Tomorrow is World Book Day.

All pupils attending English classes will be given a World Book Day token worth £1 off the price of a book. As usual there are  special £1 books published to celebrate World Book Day. Follow this link for more details including news of an App you can download free.  World Book Day


For fans of sci- fi,  Fever by Lauren DeStefano (the second book in The Chemical Garden trilogy) is a must-read. Be warned it is harrowing towards the end as Rhine finds out more about her father-in-law’s experiments first-hand and gets a little closer to finding her brother.



Legend by Marie Lu is the first part of a trilogy set in a dystopian future world. The story is told by Day (real name Daniel) and June who have every reason to hate each other (Day murdered June’s brother and she is determined to avenge her brother’s death) but have more in common than they could ever have imagined.

 Here’s a  Greek myth with a modern twist. Of all of the recently published novels which take a modern look at a Greek myth this is my favourite so far. In Everneath by Brodi Ashton, Nikki has spent the last hundred years in the Underworld where Cole, an Everliving,  has fed from her energy.  Meanwhile, for her family and friends only six months have elapsed.

Nikki has six months to make amends and say goodbye properly to her father and brother and, most importantly of all, to Jack, the person she loves with all her heart.

At the end of the six months the Shades will drag her back to the Everneath to the horror of the Tunnels unless she can find some way to alter her fate.




One Response to “World Book Day – Thursday 1st March”

  1. mywordlyobsessions Says:

    Great! Good to see people participating in World Book Day. My school is also having lots of activities tomorrow. Children are dressing up as their favourite characters and the whole day will be devoted to promoting all things bookish. Well done!

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