BBC Children in Need: Friday 19 November 2010


Here at Annan Academy, staff and pupils have been ‘spotted’ getting up to all sorts of mischief – raising money for Children in Need.

Miss McCulloch bravely – well she’s allowed to scream like a girl – faced the gunging. She particulary enjoyed the smell of the beans and it took three goes to shampoo the lentils out of her hair. She is, however, looking forward to seeing the pictures in the next Yearbook.

Mr Cooper did think about throwing the first bucket over Miss Creighton but chickened out. Keep that in mind if he volunteers again next year.

As one of the teachers who had to spend some time in the hall, I’d like to pay tribute to Mr McCann who kept spirits up by orchestrating Mexican Waves. Thankfully, there was only time to ‘sing’ (and I use the term very loosely) part of the first verse of ‘Flower of Scotland’ before Mr Asher announced that all was well and we could go to break.

The total announced at the end of the school day was £3085.35. Well done everyone!

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