Books for Boys

Only one more day to go until the new session starts – where did the summer go?

Although there are three pages dedicated to Books for Boys, I thought I’d review a few more that I read and enjoyed over the summer holiday.

The Maze RunnerFirst there’s The Maze Runner by James Dashner which is the first book in a promising new science fiction series.

The only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. He has no idea what has happened to him or what he has done to deserve being trapped in the Glade.

He feels sure, however, that he must become a Runner and join the group of boys who risk death each day by running the maze in a desperate attempt to find the way out. Each day they map out their allotted section of the maze but each night the walls of the maze change. Add to that the risk of being attacked by a Griever, a half-animal, half-machine horror, and the task seems impossible.

No-one has ever survived a night in the maze.


Young Sherlock Holmes: Death CloudFor fans of the young James Bond series by Charlie Higson, there’s a new book out by Andrew Lane called Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud.

Sherlock Holmes is fourteen and has to spend his summer holidays with his uncle and aunt. Soon he finds himself caught up in a sinister plot that threatens the Empire

We meet Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and we learn a little about Sherlock’s parents but essentially this is an adventure which involves murder, narrow escapes, disguises and intrigue.

The  second book in the series – Red Leech – is out in November.


New books to look out for include the follow-up to The Enemy by Charlie Higson which is called The Dead and is due out in September and Lies which is the third part of the Gone series by Michael Grant.

I’d also recommend the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan and for older readers the Homelander series by Andrew Klavan which begins with The Last Thing I Remember and The long Way Home.


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