Write a Book Review

We are looking for book reviews for the new edition of the school library magazine.

If you have enjoyed a book that you borrowed from the school library, just write a short review and post it here on the blog to be included in this summer’s magazine.

Your review does not have to be very long. Simply write one or two paragraphs explaining what the book is all about – don’t give away the ending or spoil any surprises as we want others to read the book too – then explain what you enjoyed most about the book and why you would recommend it to others.

The deadline for reviews handed in at school is Friday March 26th but, if you post your review here on the blog, you have until April 11th.

Go on. Share a good book today!


2 Responses to “Write a Book Review”

  1. aalibrary Says:

    Is your little pic supposed to be moi? How flattering as she’s younger and so much slimmer…lol!
    Mrs T

  2. cmjohnston Says:

    I thought it was a very good likeness!

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