World Book Day

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. What will you be reading?

If you log on to the Library blog on Thursday you’ll be able to see what some of your teachers are reading. Why not leave details of the book you’re reading – or even a short review of your favourite book.

Here are some of the books I’ve been reading over the past few weeks:

I’ve just finished Time Riders by Alex Scarrow. As the title suggests it’s about time travel. Snatched just before they were about to die, Liam (who was on the Titanic), Maddy and Sal become TimeRiders. Their job is to detect any changes in time caused by illegal time travel and set things right. In this, the first of a new series, Dr Paul Kramer travels back through time from 2066 to persuade Hitler not to invade Russia. As a result nine-eleven never happens but unfortunately Kramer does not stop there. A second time-shift finds Maddy and Sal struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a supernatural love story. Ethan lives in Gatlin, South Carolina where everyone knows everyone else and nothing ever changes . Cue the new girl in town who is quite literally the girl of Ethan’s dreams. Of course she has magic powers, is cursed, and will probably turn evil on her sixteenth birthday – and you thought you had problems!

In Need by Carrie Jones, Zara goes to stay with her grandmother after the death of her stepfather leaves her numb with grief. Maine is cold and bleak and Zara causes quite a stir when she goes to her new school. You can’t help but notice the parallels with Twilight but it’s not vampires that Zara has to contend with here but a shocking family secret that puts her life and the lives of others in danger.

Meteorite Strike by A.G. Taylor is set in Australia. A meteorite has struck the Earth and brought with it a deadly alien virus. Although the virus is contained, thousands are left in a coma and the few children who seem at first to be immune to the virus develop psychic abilities. This makes them of special interest to HIDRA whose scientists want to study them and whose military personnel want to create super soldiers by replicating their abilities. Sarah and Robert have to join forces with the other children if they are to escape and find some answers for themselves.

Eleven-year-old Aubrey finds fending for herself is fun – at least for a little while. However, her grandmother is horrified when she discovers that Aubrey has been abandoned by her mother and takes her home to live with her. For Aubrey this means going to a new school and making new friends – but most of all it means coming to terms with immense personal loss without the support of her mother.  Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur is a touching book. 


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