Snow Day 2

The path I cleared yesterday has filled back up with snow but the sun is out. Today I was up and dressed before the phone call came to say the school was closed again so it was too late to crawl back into bed to read a book. I’ll just have to do some chores first then curl up in a chair later with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

Yesterday I finished reading the ghost story Miss McCulloch let me borrow over the holidays – just the right kind of book for the weather. Another book I read over the holidays was set in an Arctic wilderness – how appropriate – and I’d recommend it to older readers (particularly boys). In Inside the Cage by Matt Whyman, Carl Hobbes, who is just 17, finds himself handcuffed and transported with hardened criminals and terrorists to an isolated camp inside the Arctic Circle. There he is to be interrogated after his on-line breach of security at Fort Knox led to millions of dollars worth of gold being stolen. For fans of Alex Rider, his adventures continue in Crocodile Tears which is well worth a look. I am looking forward to reading Hunger by Michael Grant (the follow-up to Gone which I reviewed a few months ago), The Hostage by Sophie McKenzie which is the second book in the Medusa Project series and The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan, the second book in the Homelander series.

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