TV Critics

televisionI asked my Second Year class to write reviews of their favourite television programmes. You can read extracts from some of their reviews in S1/2 Writing. As you will see, they cover a wide range of programmes from light entertaintainment to documentaries.

8 Responses to “TV Critics”

  1. holly c Says:

    thank you very much for puting part of my big brother tv review in!

  2. cmjohnston Says:

    You’re welcome!

  3. Haig K Says:

    thanks for putting my blog on … i didn’t realise it was that good!!

    • cmjohnston Says:

      We love cars in my family and watch Top Gear together – mostly to see what outrageous things the three presenters will get up to next.

  4. Michael McA Says:

    The blog is cool the s1/s2 writing is cool thanks

  5. holly c Says:

    what type of articles?

    • cmjohnston Says:

      You can write about anything you like that you think will interest others. The idea of the blog is to give you the chance to share books and ideas – and to let you show off your writing skills.

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