Back to School

SkinnedI hate people who delight in reminding me that the school holidays are almost over – yet here I am doing just that to you. Enjoy your last week. For those who have seen a pattern emerge in my book choices – Science Fiction and Fantasy – here are two books that are quite different: Don’t Ask by Hilary Freeman and Talking to Strangers by Anne Cassidy. The first is about secrets and lies. It is told from the point of view of 15 year old Lily who wants to know why her ‘perfect’ boyfriend won’t talk about his past, especially his ex-girlfriend. In Talking to Strangers, 15 year old Maggie is missing her best friend Bridget who is on an extended holiday with her parents. When a 10 year old local girl goes missing, Maggie is reminded of something terrible that happened to her five years before. Back on the Science Fiction theme, I’d also recommend Skinned by Robin Wasserman to older readers. When Lia ‘dies’ in a freak car accident her brain functions and memories are downloaded into a new mechanical body. After a period in hospital, she returns to her family and to school only to find that everything has changed.

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